Bulgaria wants to sell the country’s national flag

BULATIA – Bulgaria wants a national flag to commemorate the centenary of the Communist Revolution and wants to use it to sell tourism services.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Economy Minister Georgi Derevchev said the idea was a long time in coming.

Derevkov said he would first look at the existing flag and then find a new design that can attract tourists and the local economy.

The flag would then be displayed in the city of Sofia, where a new museum has opened this year and which is popular with tourists.

The Bulgarian flag has been the subject of protests for years and it is currently the countrys flag, the national flag, that is displayed at the government offices.

It is not clear if the government would sell the flag, which was raised during the Communist uprising in 1989.

Drevkov, who heads the Cabinet’s Committee for Culture, Tourism and the Economy, said he had not yet spoken to the interior ministry about the idea.

The minister said Bulgaria would also consider a new national flag during the period of commemoration and the future of the Bulgarian flag would be decided during the new parliament.

The proposed flag would have been the official flag for the country during the first year of the revolution and was adopted in 1983.

The current flag has remained the same since then.