How to book sex tourism in Australia

Tourism officials in Australia are warning tourists about a growing problem of sex tourism on the continent.

Key points:Tourism officials are warning about a “potential pandemic” of sex tourists in IndonesiaThe ABC understands that Australians travelling to the Middle East and Africa will have to deal with a “frightening” number of sexual assaultsIn Indonesia, tourists are also reporting a rise in sex tourismThe ABC is working with Tourism and Travel Australia (TTA) to investigate the matter.

The ABC has spoken to Australian Government officials who have been investigating the problem, with some of the information gathered through their investigations showing that sex tourism is becoming a real problem.

Key Points:The ABC knows Australians are travelling to Europe and the Middle Eastern and African countries where sex tourism occursThe ABC’s investigations have shown that Australians are being subjected to sexual assaults at these locationsTourism Australia has told the ABC that it is working closely with Tourism Australia to investigate this issue and is confident that it has a “comprehensive strategy” to deal at the airport, at the hotel and on the streets of cities and towns in those regions.

Tourism and Travel Australian CEO Chris Anderson told the BBC earlier this month that the number of Australians travelling abroad has increased significantly, and that the rise is “quite alarming”.

“The reason we have seen the number rise is because people are starting to come from Australia to Indonesia and from Africa to Australia to have sex with other people,” Mr Anderson said.

“We are seeing an increase in the number and frequency of sexual assault, particularly in the Middle and West Africa.”

So this is a very worrying situation.

“Tourism is also a major source of income for many Australians, and Mr Anderson told us that tourism in the country is “at risk” as a result of this pandemic.”

In a recent report by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), we were able to look at a very large amount of information that was collected from Australians travelling internationally, and there was an increase of sexual abuse at the borders of Australia,” Mr Thompson said.

He said that while this is happening in Australia, it is happening to Australians overseas too.”

The problem of sexual violence and exploitation in the tourism industry is something that is very, very serious and needs to be dealt with,” Mr Hunter said.