How to get away with sex tourism in Myanmar

New Scientist magazine has published an article detailing the ways in which tourists are getting away with it in Myanmar.

The article, which focuses on the activities of sex workers, is based on interviews with dozens of sex tourists and prostitutes.

It found that while most sex workers said they were paid for their work, some said they received a cut of the profit.

But, the article also found that the sex tourism industry was rife with abuse and exploitation.

The New Scientist article explains how sex workers in Myanmar can be tricked into working with clients, or pressured into having sex with them.

According to the article, one sex worker who was forced to work with a client said: “You have to be good, you have to make sure you get your money.”

The article goes on to say:”Sometimes, you work as a hooker.

Sometimes you are a prostitute.

Sometimes the clients will ask you to take out a condom.

They will say, ‘You’re not going to have sex with us but we will give you a cut.’

And if you refuse to take the condom, they will say you are going to lose the money and they will leave you there.

The clients may also ask you for more money.

It depends on the client.”

The New Science article is based entirely on interviews conducted by New Scientist journalist Andrew Lacey, who says that sex tourism is an industry that “has become so prevalent that it is virtually invisible”.

He said:”Sex tourism is very widespread in Myanmar, so the [human rights] groups who are trying to bring awareness to it are often in the middle of a huge problem that has not yet been acknowledged by the government.”

I think it is probably safe to say that this is a business that’s been flourishing and has been going on for quite some time.

“New Scientist says the sex tourists interviewed by the magazine are all of one age.

One woman, who had been in sex work for almost three years, told Lacey that she had been forced to engage in sexual acts with clients.

Another said that when she tried to get a condom she was told that it would cost her $100.

Another sex worker told the magazine: “Sometimes, I would have to work for 20 hours a day.

I would be there for 15 hours, sometimes 18 hours, and then it would stop.

Sometimes it would start up again, but the clients would just leave me there.

Sometimes they would leave me alone.

Sometimes, they would just ask me to do it.

It would start all over again.

They would say, no, you need to go to another country, you cannot do this.

“Another sex tourist told the publication: “Some clients would ask for money.

They said, ‘We will give $100 to you, you are just a hookers’.

“One of the sex workers who spoke to New Scientist said: ‘Sometimes, they just leave you alone.

If they leave you for too long, you can get scared, you think, ‘Oh, what is happening?

I have to go back to my country.”

But sometimes, they leave me with my clothes and money.

I used to have to have a job at a hotel to pay the bills.

Sometimes we would go back and take the money, or I would take it back to the hotel and pay the bill.

Sometimes I would get into a fight with the clients because I didn’t know how much money I had to pay, and they would say I was stupid, because I don’t know what I am doing, because they think I’m just being a prostitute.'”

One of New Scientist’s sources was a woman who said she worked in the sex trade in a country where prostitution is legal, but she said she was never asked for money or forced to have sexual relations.

The woman told New Scientist that she was paid $50 a night, but had to work until she had to leave the country.

One of her clients said that she would make $300 per day in a day and that the clients always wanted more.

“It was not like we were making a lot, we were just making a bit,” she said.

“Sometimes we would make up the difference and leave for another place.

Sometimes when we went back, we would be paid the difference.

Sometimes people would say that I should go to China, but I said, that’s fine.

I am not a prostitute, I am a sex worker, so I will do that.”

A woman in her 20s who had worked in sex tourism told New Science that she often worked for five days a week, but that she never received anything for her work.

Another prostitute said: “I would work for two to three days and then I would go to the other place.

It was very stressful.

Sometimes [the clients] would ask me what I wanted to do.

I was not given the money to pay for my clothes, and I would say