Kyrgyzstan: ‘It’s just not safe’

Kyrgyzan President Almazbek Atambayev is calling on the government to make sure that the country remains safe.

In an interview with Reuters, the president said the security situation was a problem for Kyrgystans as well as tourists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He said there is a lot of violence, so people who go to the country need to be able to take safety precautions.

He also said the country should do more to support the security of tourists and other foreigners.

When Africa’s tourism industry falters

An article in the New Scientist about tourism to the African continent, the continent’s second largest, which is a major source of income for many, has been censored. 

The article has been removed from the website and is no longer accessible. 

The article contains details about the South African National Tourist Board’s plans for a new South African tourism program, including the removal of the article from the New Science website. 

I have written to the New Society, the association of leading South African travel agencies, to request that it remove the article. 

A spokeswoman for the association told me: We have no control over the content of articles published in the media. 

We take this responsibility seriously, but we can’t control what others publish. 

There is nothing wrong with what the New Scientist has published in relation to tourism in South Africa, but it is not for the magazine to decide what information is appropriate for our readers to see. 

However, I can assure you that our staff have not been instructed to remove any content from our website.

The New Scientist does not take editorial decisions on editorial content and we will continue to publish this article on our website in the future. 

Read the full story at New Scientist.