Italy to unveil ‘World Tourist Tourism’ plan: Travel website

Rome, Italy—It has been almost a year since the last world tourist wave passed through the continent.

Now the Italian government is planning to unveil a new tourism plan that it says will create “a new tourism industry.”

The Tourism Ministry announced last month that it would start a project to bring the Italian tourism industry to the continent, with the goal of producing “an estimated 12 million tourism jobs and 2.5 million jobs in the tourism industry in five years.”

The ministry said the plan would create 10 million jobs by 2020.

“The Italian tourism sector will provide jobs to 5 million tourists, more than twice the current population, and support the construction of 3.5 billion square meters of tourism infrastructure in the next five years,” the ministry said.

“There are more than 1,300,000 hotels, 3,000 hostels, 6,000 sports and leisure centres, 600 hotels with a capacity of more than 3 million guests, and more than 5,000 airports and cruise lines.”

The plan is part of the Italian economic stimulus package that Italy signed with the European Union last month.

Under the plan, the European Commission will allocate €1.8 billion ($2.3 billion) to Italy for the next four years.

Italy’s economy is expected to contract for a fourth straight year this year.

The European Commission estimates that the government will need to raise at least €1 billion to cover the deficit, which is expected at the current level of €12 billion.