Which countries are most likely to open up tourism in 2018?

Posted October 20, 2018 05:15:30By now you’ve probably heard that Japan is poised to open its first international airport in 2019.

It’s not a surprise given the country’s history of opening up its skies to tourists, but now that the news has been officially announced, how will the country prepare for the influx of new visitors?

While some of the biggest names in tourism have already said they will start welcoming tourists in 2019, there are some other notable names on the horizon, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

According to the Department of Tourism and International Trade, the United States, Canada and Australia will all open up their skies to international travellers by the end of 2019.

Canada, according to a spokesperson, will be the first country to open the skies to travellers.

“We have been working with the Government of Canada and other governments around the world to develop a comprehensive plan to make the country a hub for the next wave of global tourism,” the spokesperson told The Next Week.

“Our goal is to open a second airport in 2020, and we have committed to be the largest destination in the world for international tourism by 2020.”

It’s a bold goal that’s sure to be met, but it also has a lot of potential pitfalls that we’ll explore in the coming weeks.

Here are some of our top takeaways from the official announcement.

The US is poised for the biggest opening of its skiesIn 2019, the US is set to become the largest market for international tourists, according the Department.

In the US alone, nearly two million visitors will flock to the nation’s skies in 2019 alone, according To The Next Next Week, and there are already signs that the US could become the destination for international travellers.

The country is set for a new wave of international tourismIn 2019 the number of international visitors will rise to nearly 4.5 million.

The number of visitors coming to the US will jump to nearly 10 million, with about 7.3 million of those visitors expected to visit the country.

While the US has historically been known for welcoming international visitors, the last decade has seen a major shift in that trend, according The Next, with a number of the countrys largest tourist attractions closing down or even shutting down due to financial problems.

“It is important to note that the recent closure of the historic Grand Floridian hotel in Florida has impacted tourism and our economic recovery, which has resulted in the decline in the number and size of international travelers to the United State,” the Department spokesperson said.

“As a result, the number in 2019 is expected to be much lower than in 2016.”

It won’t be the same if the US does get a new airportThe US government is still waiting on the final approval of a new international airport.

A new airport is expected in 2020 and will likely have a different name from what’s currently in use, according TO The Next.

But the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Japan could all open their skies in 2020 with the opening of a second, more permanent airport.

Japan is also eyeing opening up a second international airport, but they’re not expected to open until 2021.

The UK will open its skies in 2021, with France planning to open in 2021.

Japan and Italy have both said that they’ll open their airports in 2020.

Japan has seen its tourism numbers decline as the number has dwindled over the years, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting a new, permanent international airport built.

The United States will see a big increase in international visitorsIt’s likely that a major influx of international tourists will occur in 2019 with the number expected to reach over 1.5 billion, according a spokesperson for the US State Department.

The official also said that the United states would be the biggest market for tourists in 2020 thanks to its vast amount of land, water, landlocked geography and the abundance of natural beauty and wildlife.

However, this is just the beginning for the number, and the Department is hopeful that the number will grow in 2020 as well.

In 2020, there will be over 5 million foreign visitors in the US and Canada alone, with over 4.6 million coming from other countries.

There will also be more than 6 million visitors from China, the Philippines and India, and over 6 million tourists from South Africa and other nations.

Australia and New Zealand will open their first international airports in 2019Australia’s first international terminal, the Sydney Airport, opened in 2019 and will soon have its own runway.

In 2019, Australia’s government is planning to extend the airport by 30 metres.

The Government of New Zealand is also expected to expand the airport.

New Zealand has also been eyeing an international airport for years, with the country opening its first airport in 1991.

The airport has since been expanded to two more runways, which will be able to accommodate more than 10 million passengers in 2020 alone.

New Zealander’s welcome a welcome boost