Costa Rica: New tourist attraction to be added to tourism list

Costa Rica will be adding a new resort to its tourism list after the government approved the construction of a new hotel and resort in Peru.

The Costa Rican Tourism Authority (CTA) will receive the design and build permits for the new resort, which is scheduled to open in 2021.

The hotel is expected to be about the size of a typical tourist hotel, with about 300 rooms.

The resort, called the Costa Rica Perpetual Resort, will have four villas, a beach and a restaurant.

The resort will be located in a remote part of the Andes mountains.

The CTA said it was “very excited” about the hotel and the development of the area.

“This is an exciting development for the Costa Rican economy and tourism,” said Carlos Martín, a senior government official with the CTA.

“We are excited to see the Costa Ricans tourism industry grow.”

A number of hotels in Costa Rica have opened recently and have attracted millions of visitors.

The Costa Rica hotel, in particular, has drawn attention due to its location near the country’s only major ski resort, the Chico Snowbowl, which attracts millions of tourists annually.

According to the Costa Rico Tourism Authority, the resort is expected have tourist value for about $8 million per year.