Why Mexico is better than the U.S. on tourism, according to a new report

Tourism in Mexico has risen to a record high of $1.26 billion last year, according a report from a leading tourism and development think tank.

The number of visitors to Mexico has also jumped to a peak of 7.8 million people, which is about 50,000 more people than in 2014.

The surge in the tourism sector has coincided with an economic boom, and is driven by the country’s surging oil and gas industry, which has brought in millions of dollars in foreign direct investment.

However, the report also highlights some of the challenges Mexico faces when it comes to attracting tourists.

The tourism industry is relatively small compared to the U, which, for example, has over 12 million people.

But the report found that Mexico’s population is growing rapidly, with the country adding 3.4 million people between 2008 and 2020.

“Despite a large growth in population, Mexico’s tourism sector still suffers from lack of capacity,” the report said.

“The country’s infrastructure remains inadequate for both the logistical and financial support required to attract visitors, with high infrastructure costs contributing to a lack of local tourism.”

The report’s authors also noted that Mexico is also facing a shortage of skilled workers.

“While Mexico’s labour force participation rate remains above 60%, its labour force is becoming increasingly less educated, with nearly a third of the workforce below the minimum educational attainment level,” the authors wrote.

In the report, the International Tourism Institute, a trade group, also found that the Mexican economy is facing an “uncertain future” because of the country, which “remains mired in the global recession and a slowing economy.”

The study cited a number of challenges that could impact the economy in Mexico, including the ongoing fight over the countrys sovereignty, which could lead to the country becoming more dependent on foreign assistance.

“Mexico remains a relatively poor country in relation to the rest of Latin America, but its economic situation is still improving, especially in the oil-rich state of Oaxaca,” the IHI report said, adding that there has been a decline in the number of people leaving the country.

Mexico has had a strong economy, but there is a growing concern over the lack of jobs, and a growing number of citizens have been leaving to escape poverty.

“We are concerned about the negative impact that the country is having on the country,” the experts said.