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Savannah Georgia tourism has welcomed its second full year of growth and now boasts a new job title: tourism director.

The Tourism Department says the new position, which was announced last week, will help fill gaps in the organisation’s workforce with a focus on “enhancing visitor experience and engagement”.

The Department says this position will be based in the capital city and will be responsible for overseeing and managing the overall operation of the Savannah Tourism Association, which operates out of the National Park and is one of the largest tourism organisations in the United States.

This is the second full-time job for the department, which said it is “continuing to attract and retain talented and experienced individuals to the Savannah area”.

“We continue to invest in the Savannah region and we’re pleased to announce the appointment of two new employees for the tourism department,” Tourism Secretary Stephanie Haddad said.

“The new positions will bring new faces to the agency and provide new opportunities for our members.”

Haddad has also announced a number of other initiatives to help attract more visitors to the city. 

“The Savannah Tourism Department is proud to announce our new Chief Tourism Officer, Sarah, as part of our efforts to improve our business in the Capital City,” she said.

“We have made significant progress with our outreach efforts and are excited to welcome Sarah to our organization.”

The department’s Tourism Director is also looking for a new Executive Director for the new department. 

The Savannah region is one in which the tourism industry is thriving, with an average of 3.8 million visitors annually.