The Top 10 Most Fascinating Countries in the World

Mexico tourism is the most interesting country in the world, according to Lonely Planet.

Its most visited country is a hotbed of the Mexican-American War, and its second most visited is an arid and mountainous area in South America.

Lonely Planet, however, has a new edition of Mexico that includes the country’s largest city, Mexico City.

The rankings are based on a wide variety of factors, including tourism, culture, and economic factors.

In Mexico City, Lonely Planet says that, “Its stunning architecture, beautiful streets, and vibrant nightlife make it the most culturally and economically diverse city in the Americas.”

Lonely Planet also ranked the most diverse city for 2016, ranking it second.

The top 10 cities in Mexico for 2016 were:1.

Mexico City (Mexico)2.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)3.

San Antonio (Texas)4.

Monterrey (Mexico, United States)5.

Oaxaca (Mexico and the United States, Mexico)6.

Ciudad Juarez (Mexico State)7.

Ciadro de Oaxacatl (Mexico City)8.

Tlaxcala (Mexico state)9.

Durango (Colorado)10.

Mexico State (Mexico), U.S. (USA)The rankings were based on Lonely Planet’s top 100 most visited cities, which include:1) Mexico City in 20162) Rio de Janiero in 20163) Monterrrey in 20164) Tlacopan in 20165) Ciudade Juarez in 20166) Ciadron de Oacatl in 20167) Durango in 20168) Tlatacan in 20169) Oaxacan in Mexico State10) Duraco in Mexico City