When is the next france tour?

Tourism is booming across the EU, with the EU as a whole projected to grow by almost 9 per cent over the next five years.

The EU is expected to increase the number of its tourism sectors by around 4 per cent, or by over 2 million people.

The EU has already committed to expanding tourism by around 15 per cent each year.

But the number has been growing steadily, with France, the European Commission and others all stating that it would be a success if the EU were to take on the role of host of the 2024 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The report from the French government’s Office for the Strategy of Tourism states that the number could grow by another 2 million, with tourists from other countries.

“We are in the final phase of a global economic recovery, but there is still a long way to go to make it sustainable,” says the French Ministry of Tourism.

The Office for Tourism said that the European Union was committed to providing a strong and resilient economy to its citizens, particularly its growing young population, while at the same time maintaining its competitiveness.

“The European Union will support the development of French tourism, but we will also maintain our long-term economic competitiveness,” the report said.

Tourism is not only booming across Europe, but the report also highlights that the region is also experiencing a boom in its tourism sector.

According to the Office for Strategic Services, the French tourism industry is expected grow by around 3 per cent annually over the coming decade, with around 1.2 million jobs being created across the country.

This is also the time when French tourism companies will also have to invest heavily in their capacity to cater for the growing number of tourists, with a potential of over 8 million visitors annually by 2020.

The region has also seen the rise of a number of French cultural institutions such as the National Museum of France, and the Bibliothèque Nationale d’Art et d’Histoire.

“French tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe and, with an average annual growth of about 2.8 per cent per year, it has a potential to grow further, especially as France continues to invest in its infrastructure and digital platforms to connect its people with the world,” the Office of Strategic Services stated.

The tourism industry also employs around 1 million people, but this is only a small portion of the job-creation potential in the sector.

The French government will be hoping that the boom in tourism will help to ensure the country remains competitive in the global market.