Why do Virginias tourists are spending more than £300 million on luxury hotels?

A year after Virginias luxury hotels became the darling of the world, a new survey has found that some Virginias hotels are more expensive than ever. 

This latest survey of hotel reviews, which was conducted by Hotels.com, shows that a third of Virginias travellers are spending at least £300,000 a year to stay at one of its luxurious hotels, while a further 11 per cent have paid over £1m for a room. 

It is not just luxury hotels that are getting in on the act. 

Hotels.net has found a similar pattern for other luxury properties across the UK. 

Overall, hotel ratings are down on last year, with one in five UK travellers choosing a hotel in 2018, down by 7 per cent. 

The average hotel rating for Virginias is also down from the last year with the average rating of the Virginias in 2018 down from 4.4 to 3.9. 

While Virginias travel ratings are improving, it is not all sunshine and roses. 

Only 8 per cent of travellers were able to rate a Virginias hotel as one of the best in the UK in 2018 compared to 41 per cent in 2016. 

In fact, only 6 per cent said they would pay for a hotel upgrade when it comes to their travel. 

Despite the challenges that Virginias can pose, the company is not giving up. 

“We continue to invest in the Virginia brand and the UK as a whole,” Virginia’s chief executive Richard Bevan said in a statement. 

We are committed to helping Virginias businesses grow and are investing in new opportunities and services to make our Virginias the best hotel destination in the world.